Brief History & Introduction of Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge

In year 1966, on the occasion of Gurunanakdev Jayanti, some like minded officers & businessmen staying in Ambawadi area of Ahmedabad city, decided to celebrate the birthday of Gurunanakdevji in a make shift Pandal near Nehrunagar Circle by arranging Akhand Path Sahib for 3 days as per tradition. Simultaneously it was decided to form a formal Panchayat in the name & style “SINDHI PANCHAYAT ELLISBRIDGE” with following aims & objectives:-

  • To promote contacts & brother hood in Sindhi community.
  • To help & assist members.
  • To promote cause of Sindhi language, literature & culture.

Concept picked up very well & many more people joined the Panchayat, The original constitution came into force with the approval of the general body’s meeting held on Dt:- 1/7/1967.

The Panchayat was registered as a public trust vide No: F – 546 – Ahmedabad on 7/3/1975 and also registered as society vide No: GUJ/462/Ahmedabad on the same day.

Depending on the experience & requirement, the constitution was revised and passed in general body meeting held on 12/2/1995. This was further amended in general body meeting held on 3/7/2011.

Saliant features of the constitution are as under:-

  • Only the persons staying on western side of Sabarmati river can become members of the Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge, prescribed Registration form is available on the website.
  • Present life membership fees of Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge is Rs:- 2500/- (including admission fee of Rs:-100/-) valid for life of member and spouse.
  • Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge is authorized to accept donation for various activities.
  • General body of the Sindhi Panchayat Ellisbridge will consist of all members & will meet at least once in a year. All decisions of the general body will be taken by majority votes of members present. President will be elected by general body every two years. All decisions taken by general body will be executed through managing committee consisting of maximum 20 members, to be appointed by President.
  • The President will have powers to form various committees for promotion and execution of various activities and events as per decisions by managing committee.
  • Managing committee will meet at least once in two months and will take decisions on the functioning of Panchayat. All routine functions will be carried out by office bearers i.e. President, General Secretary, Secretary & treasurer, They will be authorized to operate the accounts of the Panchayat in the bank jointly by any two of the office bearers.
  • Account of the Panchayat will be audited by “Statutory Auditor” to be appointed by general body. Audited accounts will be presented in the general body meeting for approval.
  • List of member’s present incumbents of managing committee and other committees is put up on the website pages elsewhere. (Sea home page). I. For any query, contact us by email

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